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Re: Astra's actionfigures in action

Post by Astra » Thu Oct 05, 2017 9:57 pm

Snow wrote:
Astra wrote:Yeah, they really did not think that through, did they? There was a lot of outrage in the net back in July. Also on the Photobucket Facebook page. Most people would have even been willing to pay a fee of like 50 USD per year. That would have been reasonable and they would have made more money than they do now with everyone leaving.
sorry for the delay in reply, i was waiting to get a response from Photobucket as i thought i'd take a leaf out of my dads book and complain.

looks like i've benefitted from the outrage as they're currently offering the same deal as i have now as i have been with them for so very long (incl. 3rd party linking).

i've renewed on the Plus20 account i have with them, so i guess i'll know in November (when it would have originally expired) if they stay true to their word. according to them if i keep renewing that Plus20 account annually I can stay as is.
Interesting and good for you! How much have you / will you be paying for this? Yeah, we'll see if it holds true. I read a comment just the other day by someone who actually paid the 400 USD, links still not working and no reply from customer service.

That 500+ Account was so expensive but how really needs 500 GB? My whole picture folder is only like 12 GB and I had uploaded even less. Whenever I checked, it said 2% storage full.
A few days ago I couldn't get the page to load at all, not even the "Update your account" picture was showing on my page, just the link.
Funny pictures with Torchwood and Doctor Who action figures at:

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